Engineering Services

The Participants of our Innovation Portal organize and conduct the following Engineering Services:

Development, management services, product delivery, integration and consulting, implementation of software systems and functions, economic valuation and investment for commercial, municipal, public and institutional projects.

Performance of contractual customer functions for the implementation of organizational and technical events: collection of initial data and preparation of project documentation, selection of personnel, suppliers of goods, technical supervision with the right to make decisions on behalf of the customer, conclusion of contracts, other services necessary for the implementation of agreements.

A specific list of engineering services is established by the engineering services provision contract.

Calculations, verification and evaluation of engineering projects and services.

Personnel training: instruction and skills development.

Industrial / manufacturing projects, goods and services.

Development and implementation of new technologies. Design of products and devices. Testing.

Providing technical, design and management services for construction projects and engineering infrastructure.

Preparation of technical and economic studies, plans and projects. Software, methods and standards, certification and verification

Development and implementation of agroengineering systems

Telecommunication projects

Work Safety

Energy (electrical, lighting, power plants, instrumentation) and environmental projects.

Providing information on market sizes and forecasts, performing SWOT, PEST and STEER analyzes.

Transport projects

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